The development of a Capital Markets Union (CMU) has progressed significantly since the publication of the European Commission Green Paper (February 2015). The public consultation that followed and the definition of a firm time-table in October 2015 have set well-defined targets for this ambitious project that will complement the Banking Union. It is now appropriate to take stock of what has been achieved so far and what is in the pipeline for the next 12-18 months. Given the crucial importance of this development for businesses’ access to finance in Europe, the two topics deserve strategic attention.

The College of Europe (Bruges) and Deloitte organized a one-day conference on 18 March 2016 to bring together stakeholders (policy makers, regulators, financial institutions including the EIB, entrepreneurs, advisers and consumers) to discuss the development of capital markets and the financing of SMEs. The financing needs of SMEs deserve special attention because SMEs account for the overwhelming majority of enterprises in the European economy, and are the main source of innovation, job creation and economic growth.

The Conference Report can be downloaded by clicking here


Lord Jonathan Hill (EU Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union)
Link to Commissioner Hill's speech at the #7BEBC

Jonathan Taylor (Vice-President, European Investment Bank)

Andrea Beltramello (Policy Officer Captial Markets Union, DG FISMA, EU Commission)
Antonio Garcia del Riego (Head of Corporate Affairs in the EU, Santander Bank)
Christian de Boissieu (College of Europe)
Diego Valiante (Head of Financial Markets and Institutions Unit, CEPS)
Ernesto Lanzillo (Partner, Deloitte, Italian Family Business Leader)
Gert Wehinger (Senior Economist, OECD)
Helmut Kraemer-Eis (Head of Research and Market Analysis, European Investment Fund)
Jean-Pierre Casey (Head of Investment Solutions, UK and Luxembourg, PMB, Edmond de Rothschild)
Johannes Lindner (Head of the Division, EU institutions and fora, ECB)
Korstiaan Zandvliet (CEO and Co-Founder, Symbid)
Luigi Amati (CEO and Co-Founder, META)
Marta Testi (Head of Corporate Advisors, London Stock Exchange Group)
Niall Bohan (Head of Unit Capital Markets Union, DG FISMA, EU Commission)
Nicolas Veron (Senior Fellow, Bruegel; Visiting Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics)
Phedon Nicolaides (Director, European Economic Studies Department, College of Europe)
Raoul Ruparel (Co-Director, Open Europe)
Richard Doherty (Global Lead Client Partner for EU Institutions, Deloitte)
Sachin Patel (Global Co-Head of Capital Markets, Funding Circle)
Verena Ross (Executive Director, ESMA)


The Bruges European Business Conference is a joint initiative of the College of Europe's specialisation on “European Economic Integration and Business” and Deloitte, to exchange ideas on public policy challenges and debate EU-related issues of importance to European business.


College of Europe BUSINESS CLUB

The Bruges European Business Conference is especially supported by the College of Europe Business Club, a student initiative driven primarily by students specializing in European Economic Integration and Business. The Business Club strives for a mutual exchange of knowledge between top students of the College of Europe and business institutions (firms, chambers, etc.). It aims at developing and disseminating managerial and entrepreneurial skills within the students of the College and ultimately, to spread innovative and entrepreneurial thinking across Europe.

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